CGTMSE / (44) /                                                                                             July 31, 2009


All Member Lending Institutions of CGTMSE



Circular No. 54 / 2009 - 10


Dear Sir,

Office of the Development Commissioner

(Handicrafts)- Clarification on eligibility of activities


            Please refer to our Circular No. 52 / 2009-10 dated May 13, 2009 regarding placement of funds with CGTMSE by Office of the Development Commissioner (Handicrafts) for payment of guarantee fee and annual service fee in respect of the units covered under Handicrafts sector.  In this connection, Office of DC (Handicrafts) has defined 'handicrafts' (Annexure-I)as well as provided a list of major craft categories which are eligible for credit under Artisan's Credit Card (ACC) (Annexure-II ). The Credit Guarantee Scheme cover will be available for all ACC as well as artisans, entrepreneurs, exporters engaged in handicrafts activity. Please bring the contents of this circular to the notice of all the operating offices of your Bank / Institution.


            Kindly acknowledge receipt.


Yours faithfully,


 [P M Radhakrishnan]

                                                          Deputy General Manager

Encl.: As above.