CGTMSE / ( 44 ) /                                                                       November 18, 2013


All Member Lending Institutions of CGTMSE



Circular No. 69 / 2013-14

Dear Sir,


Credit Guarantee Scheme (CGS) -

Modification in the online NPA updation form and Claim lodgement form


As you are aware, the process of NPA marking and submission of claim application form thereafter is done by the Member Lending Institutions (MLIs) on line in a specified format. However, it is observed that the details provided in the online forms in large number of claims are insufficient to take decision with regard to settlement of claims. This leads to further correspondence and resultant delay in settlement of claims. With a view to address the issue, need-based modifications have been made in the NPA Marking Form and Claim Application Form and the modified versions have since been made live for the use of MLIs. Few issues needing explanations in the modified forms have been listed in the Annexure, along with the clarification thereon, for the guidance of MLIs. In case any further clarification is required, fell free to contact us.


            We request you to kindly bring the contents of this Circular to the notice of all the operating offices / branches of your Bank / Institution.


Yours faithfully,




 (S.S. Bakshee)

General Manager


Encl : As above





S No

NPA  Details Modifications



General details:


Additional provision has been made in the system with regard to Guarantee Start date, Sanction date, First disbursement date, Last disbursement date, First Instalment date and Moratorium period (in months) in respect of term loan accounts covered under CGS. 

While the Guarantee Start date and Sanction date would be captured automatically by the system, other particulars are required to be fed by the MLI user. All these fields are mandatory. System will check the first instalment date using first disbursement date and moratorium period for principal. In case the incorrect first instalment date, moratorium period (in month) is fed, the system will show the error.


NPA Details


Additional provision for confirmation of correct feeding of NPA date as  per RBI norms has been made in the system  with a view to avoid further correspondence in this regard.

Self explanatory.


Has the account being restructured/ rescheduled *

This has been introduced/ incorporated in NPA form a fresh.


Does the project covered under CGTMSE guarantee, involve any Subsidy?

This has been provided to capture the correct outstanding amount at the time of NPA since subsidy amount received, and covered under Guarantee, will be taken for reduction of outstanding amount. 


Has the subsidy been received?


Has the subsidy been adjusted?


Subsidy Last Received Date


Repayment (before NPA date exclusive of subsidy) and Outstanding amount details


The new table has been created where the provisions for total Amount Disbursed, Repayments made (before NPA) towards principal and interest and outstanding amount towards principal and interest separately (as on the date of NPA). All these fields are mandatory for feeding. 

System will calculate the outstanding amount for principal after deducting principal repayments before NPA from the total amount disbursed/Guarantee approved amount, whichever is less,  and after deducting subsidy received, if any. Outstanding amount towards interest is required to be fed by the MLI user. Please note that amount fed for outstanding against interest should be only for 90 days (maximum) interest on the principal outstanding amount with a margin of + or - 5%. Otherwise the system will show error. The applicable interest rate would be as fed at the time of guarantee application. 


Primary Security Details


Security Value

The details would be captured from the guarantee application form but it is an editable field. In case the security details have not been fed at the time of seeking guarantee cover, the same may be fed at the time of marking of NPA in CGTMSE portal which is mandatory.


Net worth of Guarantor

The networth would be of a promoter whose personal guarantee has been taken at the time of sanction of proposal. In case the personal guarantees have been taken from more than one person such as in case of Partnership firms/Corporate entities, the combined networth of all the guarantors may be indicated in the space provided.  Please note that while networth at the time of marking of NPA could totally erode, the networth at the time of sanction has to be there. In case the networth at the time of NPA marking is totally eroded, at least 1 may be indicated in the networth column since the system will not accept 0.


Last Inspection date before NPA date *

Mandatory for cases where guaranteed amount is above 7.5 lakhs




S No

Claim Details Modifications



Details of legal proceedings :



Any attachments :

Attachment of only relevant page i.e. the page bearing acknowledgment bearing receivers stamp, suit number and date of filing, page incorporating name of defendents, interest rate charged etc.  be made. In case of SARFAESI, document confirming possession may be enclosed.


General information



Details of Financial Assistance provided/being considered by MLI to minimize default*

The factual position may be indicated. In case no assistance is provided/being considered by MLI, the same may be indicated.


Whether credit support is provided

This means that whether the MLI propose to provide credit support to the chief promoter/borrower for any other project.



Note: In case, while trying to lodge the claim form online, if you get the message that "Final disbursement details not available for those CGPAN(s) whose Guarantee Fee has been paid. Please furnish Final Disbursement Details". Then you will have to first update the disbursement details online using the following menu

Guarantee Maintenance Periodic Info Disbursement Details

Disbursement details specific issues: If you had already updated the final disbursement details earlier, there might be possibility that the check box is not ticked so the system will give message to update disbursement details. In such cases, you will have to feed final disbursement amount minus Rs.1/- amount without ticking the check box and save the form. Again follow the same menu and now feed final disbursement amount checking the tick box and save the form.

In case, you had earlier fed part disbursement, then you will have to feed the final disbursement amount and date ticking the check box and then save the form.

In case, there are multiple disbursements on the same date, the total disbursement amounts should be entered as a single entry.

For Working Capital case, updating disbursement details is not mandatory. In case disbursement details are fed, marking of final disbursement is mandatory.

Please ensure that the total disbursement amount cannot be more than sanctioned amount.