CGTMSE. Ref. No.                                                                                    March 23, 2014


All Member Lending Institutions


Kind Attention: SME / Priority Sector Heads of all MLIs


CGTMSE Circular No. 73/2013-14


Dear Madam/Sir,


Credit Guarantee Scheme (CGS) - Claim lodgement

Change in procedure for submission of Declaration & Undertaking by MLIs


As you are aware, Nodal / operating offices of Member Lending Institutions (MLIs) of CGTMSE submits system generated Declaration & Undertaking (D&U) duly stamped and signed by its official not below the rank of Assistant General Manager along with each claim lodged on line for settlement in CGTMSE portal. While the claim form is submitted on line, duly signed and stamped D & U for each claim is separately sent by courier.


In partial modification of existing procedure, it has now been decided that the nodal / operating offices of MLIs will submit only a single D & U, duly signed and stamped as hitherto, for the single / multiple claims lodged by it on a particular day with due certification at the end of D & U that D & U covers all the claims lodged by it on particular claim date. The MLI shall generate the D & U, as per the revised procedure, on the following day of the lodgement of claim / claims with a view to ensure that all the claims lodged on a particular day are duly captured. For the purpose of generation of D & U, MLIs will login to CGTMSE portal and then select "Report & MIS module > claims Declaration and Undertaking" option and incorporate the date on which the claims have been lodged on line for which D & U is required to be generated. A scanned copy of the said duly stamped and signed D & U must be invariably sent immediately to CGTMSE by email at "", to enable CGTMSE to initiate processing of claim, followed by hard copy to be sent by courier as hitherto. An indicative format of revised D & U is enclosed for your perusal. Please ensure that all the pages of D & U are duly stamped and signed by the authorised signatory in case the D & U runs into more than one page. The claim lodgement date and member id number may be invariably indicated in the subject matter of email for easy reference at CGTMSE. Please note that the revised guidelines come into force with immediate effect.


The contents of the circular may please brought to the notice of all your offices.



                                                                                    Yours faithfully,



                                                                                    (S.S. Bakshee)

                                                                        General Manager