CGTMSE / (44) /1505 January 20, 2016

All Member Lending Institutions of CGTMSE

Circular No.106 / 2015 - 16

Dear Sir/Madam ,

Modification in time lines for delay in marking of NPA in CGTMSE portal

In terms of CGTMSE Circular No.57 / 2009 - 10 dated November 05, 2009 (available on, the lending institution is required to mark, in CGTMSE portal, the date of classification of the account as NPA in a particular quarter by the end of the subsequent quarter. However, the Trust had been condoning the delays in marking of NPAs beyond the stipulated period of time.

We advise in this regard that CGTMSE is in the process of releasing software to allow up-gradation of NPAs by MLIs themselves which was hitherto done in CGTMSE as this was one of the obstacles faced by MLIs in timely marking of NPAs. Further, the guidelines on differential pricing for charging of fees by CGTMSE are being shortly rolled out by the Trust whereby the proposed risk premium would, inter alia, be based on the percentage of NPAs marked by the MLIs in CGTMSE portal. With a view to ensure that the risk premium being charged by CGTMSE is accurate, the marking of NPAs in CGTMSE portal is necessarily to be done in a time bound manner.

In view of the above, it has now been decided that CGTMSE will strictly adhere to the time lines for reporting of NPAs as indicated in our Circular No. 57/2009-10 dated November 05, 2009. MLIs are requested to approach CGTMSE for marking all those accounts as NPAs, latest by February 29, 2016, which have not been marked by them within the prescribed time period. MLIs may note that this is a one-time measure and CGTMSE may not allow any further extension to update the NPA details in its portal in respect of those accounts where the NPAs have not been marked in CGTMSE portal within the stipulated time period.

All the requests of delay in NPA marking may be forwarded to email id along with the scanned copy of the request letter duly signed by the officer not below the rank of AGM. CGTMSE will not entertain any emails without the attachment of the scanned letter for the request of delay in NPA marking.

Please bring the contents of this Circular to the notice of all the operating offices of your Bank / Institution.

Yours faithfully,
General Manager