Ref.No.CGTMSE/(44)/4182 November 29,2016

All Member Lending Institutions (MLIs)

Circular No.119/ 2016 – 17

Madam / Dear Sir,

Introduction of new module for Electronic submission of Declaration and undertaking form as a part of claim application – Format of checklist

We invite your attention to our circular number 118/2016-17 (date of the said circular may be read as November 16, 2016) which is available on our website Please find enclosed a format of check list referred in our above mentioned circular. We reiterate that the option chosen against each of the items of check list, as selected by the maker and verified by the checker, must be factually correct and should match with the internal records of the MLI.

We request you to kindly bring the contents of this Circular to the notice of all your offices.

Yours faithfully,

General Manager

Encl: As above

Checklist to be submitted by MLI alongwith claim lodgement
Applicable for claim eligible amount of Rs 20Lakh and above

Name of MLI :
Name of the Borrower :

Sr. No.


Yes / No



Activity is eligible as per Credit guarantee Scheme.


Whether CIBIL done/CIR/KYC obtained and findings are satisfactory


Rate charged on loan is as per CGS guidelines.


Third party guarantee/collateral security stipulated.


Date of NPA as fed in the system is as per RBI guidelines.


Whether outstanding amount mentioned in the claim application form is with respect to the NPA date as reported in the claim form.


Whether serious deficiencies /irregularities observed in the matter of appraisal/renewal/disbursement/follow up/conduct of the account.


Major deficiencies observed in Pre sanction/Post disbursement inspections.


Whether deficiencies observed on part of internal staff as per Staff accountability exercise carried out.


Internal rating was carried out and proposal was found of Investment Grade.(applicable for Loans sanctioned above 50 Lakh)


Whether all the recoveries pertaining to the account after the date of NPA and before the claim lodgment have been duly incorporated in the claim form.