CGTSI/ (44)/790A

September 25, 2003

All the Member Lending Institutions (MLIs) of CGTSI

Circular No. 15 / 2003-04

Dear Sir / Madam,

Workshops/ Seminars on CGTSI Scheme

CGTSI has been operating the Credit Guarantee Scheme (CGS) since August 2000. Under the Scheme, the credit facilities without collateral security and / or third party guarantee extended, by the Member Banks / Institutions of the Trust, to the eligible SSI / Tiny units are provided guarantee cover. Even though the Scheme is in operation for over 2 years, the coverage of the applications from the member banks is not encouraging. For creating greater awareness about CGS among the ZOs/ ROs/ Branch offices, CGTSI has been requesting its member Banks/ Institutions to conduct workshops / training programmes for its officers where CGTSI officials can familiarize them with all aspects of the scheme. In order to give further impetus in this direction, CGTSI invites proposals from the member banks / institutions for conducting more workshops, familiarization / training programmes at different locations, particularly in those having higher concentration of small scale sector units. Sixty such locations (clusters of SSI units) have been identified by the Ministry of Small Scale Industry, Govt. of India. The important requirements / criteria to be kept in view for organizing such events are given in the Annexure , copy of which is also available on CGTSI website.

We would be happy to provide any clarification and seek your cooperation in this regard.

Yours faithfully,


(S N Sadhwani )

Dy. General Manager


CGTSI - Requirements / Criteria for conducting Workshops / Seminars on Credit Guarantee Scheme

The participants should be mainly from banks, SSI / tiny units, industry associations, consultants, etc. and of reasonable number (at least 50)

Banks can exclusively organize workshops for their officers in their training centres / colleges or include sessions on CGTSI scheme in their ongoing programmes.

Facilities for power-point presentation and projection may preferably be arranged. Where such facilities cannot be provided the overhead projector (OHP) may be arranged.

Duration of CGTSI session can be from about 30 minutes to two hours depending upon the need and target group.

Locations known for clusters of small scale units may be preferred.

Involvement of a local small industry association would make the effort more meaningful.

Workshops / Seminars organized by industry associations for SSI / tiny units can be considered for limited financial support on the basis of merits of the proposal.

A notice of ten (10) days may be given to CGTSI to enable it to prepare itself and suitably depute the officials.

All such proposals / requests may be addressed to :

Shri Utpal Bajpai


Tel. No.(022) 22045105 / Fax No.(022) 22045154

Email -


Shri S N Sadhwani


Email -

Tel. No.(022) 22045234 / Fax No.(022) 22045154


On CGTSI's Address.