CGTSI/ (44)/1040

November 05, 2003

All the Member Lending Institutions (MLIs) of CGTSI

Circular No. 17/2003-04

Dear Sir / Madam,

Communication is the Key

The operations of CGTSI are based on a business-to-business model and are carried out through its website. Accordingly CGTSI has been encouraging its Member Lending Institutions (MLIs) and their Operating Offices to submit applications online for guarantee coverage and track their status through individual mail accounts allotted to each MLI. The other option has been to make use of 'ThinClient' software, specially developed and made available by CGTSI for those offices which are not able to submit online applications. This arrangement has worked very well with most of the Operating Offices of MLIs .

Recently during interaction between CGTSI and officials of MLIs through workshops, seminars, personal contacts / visits, etc. it has been indicated that some offices of MLIs have difficulty in lodging online applications or through the above mentioned software mainly on account of lack of internet access or familiarity with online / software working. CGTSI is keen to address these bottlenecks by organizing familiarization / training workshops for officials of MLIs. Towards organizing workshops, a request has already been made by CGTSI to all the MLIs vide Circular No.15/2003-04 dated September 25, 2003. Meanwhile to obviate any difficulty arising out of inaccessibility to internet or inability to operate the special purpose software it is suggested that MLIs may advise CGTSI about offices where such difficulties are being faced with supporting reasons, so that a view could be taken on making arrangement for receiving applications from such offices as hard copies. MLIs may also consider working out a suitable internal arrangement in this regard by routing such applications through their concerned Operating Offices / Nodal Offices. An early action in the matter is requested.

Regarding the applications submitted online it is sometimes observed that MLIs do not check their mail accounts to ascertain the status of applications. It is reiterated that the status of applications submitted may be regularly checked by MLIs in their respective mail accounts allotted on CGTSI website . The CGPAN allotment and CGDAN (Demand Advice Notice) are also sent to respective mailboxes. For any clarification please contact CGTSI on the following:

CEO 022 22045105 email:

DGM 022 22045234 email:

AGMs 022 22045142 email: /

General 022 22042753 email:

Fax 022 22045154

We are keen to ensure effective communication and data flow with our MLIs. Periodical access to CGTSI website by MLIs would strengthen our effort.

Yours faithfully,


Utpal Bajpai

Chief Executive Officer