CGTSI/ (44)/2264

March 15, 2005

All Member Lending Institutions of CGTSI

Circular No. 22 /2004-05

Dear Sir / Madam,

Credit Guarantee Scheme (CGS) - Switch over to new Organization-wide IT System

We are pleased to inform all the MLI-users of our internet portal ( that with effect from 4th April 2005, CGTSI is effecting a switch-over from the present online system to a new, improved and feature rich online system. With a view to familiarize the operational level nodal officers in the Operating Offices of our Member Lending Institutions (MLIs ), a pilot test run of the new system will be available from March 15, 2005 to March 31, 2005 at . MLI users can use their existing 12-digit Member ID, User ID and "password" as password for logging-in to the new system. From April 4, 2005, the new system comes into force and can be accessed using .

The salient features of the new system are:

1. Concept of unique Borrower ID (BID) has been introduced. Using this BID, a special provision has been made to enable users to lodge the applications for guarantee(s) for Additional Term Loan, Enhancement in Working Capital and Renewal of Working Capital facilities.

  • Users can now modify/correct the data entered by them before / after the proposal is approved for guarantee cover by CGTSI.
  • Henceforth, before making any payment to CGTSI towards guarantee fee and / or service fee, users can allocate the payments online. Upon allocation, a unique number gets generated and users can quote this number in their correspondence relating to payments made to CGTSI. ("Allocation of payments" is a process of linking the payment made with the CGPAN / DAN to enable CGTSI to appropriate the payments). There is no procedural change in the mode of payment of guarantee fee and MLI-Users continue to pay to CGTSI through the collecting bank(s).
  • MLI-Users can now lodge Claims online for invocation of guarantees against CGTSI.

2. For offline data feeding, the existing version of "Thinclient" software has been upgraded and the new version is available for download at The present online system will be shutdown from April 1 to April 3, 2005 to enable us to switch to the new system. Users will be able to logon to our new system from April 4, 2005.

3. Some of the highlights as well as changes in functionality are given in the Annexure. Use the 'Help' link available in the member home page (the page you get after logging in to the system) to get more information about the new system. Also, click on 'Thinclient' icon on the top and choose the menu option 'Download Thinclient' to download the 'Thinclient' software. We are also forwarding a handbook and a CD containing detailed operational guidelines of the new system for the reference and use of the MLI-users. We request all the MLIs to only use the online mode for all transactions, as this facilitates faster service from our end.

4. We request you to provide us with your valuable feedback to enable us to further improve the system. You can send the feedback to .

Thanking you and assuring you of our best services.


Yours faithfully,


(S N Sadhwani )

Deputy General Manage

Encl: As above


CGTSI's new Organization-wide IT System Operational Highlights

  • Improved Look & Feel
  • Role & privilege driven
  • Users can generate various status-based reports
  • Facility to submit periodic (quarterly) information such as repayments, outstanding and other details. Facility to submit NPA details is also provided.
  • If the user lodges an application for both Term Loan and Working Capital together ("Both"), only one CGPAN is generated in the present system. In the new system (and for the existing applications during migration of data to the new system), a "Both" kind of application would be split into two applications; one as a "TC" and other as "WC"
  • Users can interact with CGTSI in a better way using the "Send Mail" option.
  • The existing CGPAN format will be changed in the new system to the format as illustrated below:

The present format of CGPAN is CGYYYY followed by running serial number for that year. e.g., CG20011 (assume a Term Loan application), CG20031049 (assume a Working Capital application), CG2005357 (a "Both" kind of application), etc. In the new system, the CGPAN for the above respectively will be CG200100001TC, CG200301049WC, and CG200500357TC & CG200500357WC. The generic format of CGPAN in the new system is CGYYYYnnnnnTC / CGYYYYnnnnnWC where YYYY is year, nnnnn is a fixed-width 5 digit running serial number for the year, followed by TC / WC as the case may be.

  • The format of CGDAN is CGnnnnDDMMYYnnn. For e.g., CG0036210205001 stands for CGDAN for the Member Lending Institution (MLI) "0036", generated on "210205" (21st February 05) followed by a fixed-width 3 digit running serial number for the day (001). However, the existing DAN numbers continue to be the same even after the migration of data to the new system .
  • The applications entered using new Thinclient software can be uploaded to the system by logging to CGTSI's website . So, even if internet connectivity is not available from the PC where the Thinclient is installed, copy the data to a floppy, take it to a PC containing internet connection, login to our website ( and upload the same.
  • The Application form for seeking guarantee cover contains a provision to enter Branch Name (which has sanctioned the loan / credit facility).
  • Demand Advice for Annual Service Fee - ASFee (SFDAN) will be raised by CGTSI on the MLIs. The ASFee has to be paid by MLI through the collecting banks of CGTSI as per prevailing procedure.