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Frequently Asked IT / System related Questions

1. The system showing Invalid password message:

Kindly take adequate care while choosing password. The password is case sensitive and should not contain spaces in between. Special characters (e.g. @ # $ % ^) are allowed. In case you forget your password, you may send email to and requesting us to reset the password mentioning MLI ID, Zone name and username.

2. System gives Is not a valid date message:

The date is to be entered in DD/MM/YYYY format. For e.g. 31st December 2007 is to be entered as 31/12/2007. Or else, you may click on the icon available to the right of the date field and select the date.

3. Web browser compatibility for operating the CGTMSE application:

For using the CGTMSE application portal, please use Internet Explorer (IE) Version 7 or above instead of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox etc. In case of IE Ver 10 and above, please make Compatibility View Settings as under:
i. Open Internet Explorer
ii. Go to Tools - Compatibility View Settings
iii. Add in Add this website field.
iv. Press Add button to save the settings.

4.If you are not able to save data or error like borrower does not exist appears in our database:
i. Please clear cookies and temporary files from Tools -> Internet Options -> General -> Browsing History -> Delete -> Delete
ii. Restart the browser window.

5. Allocation of Demand Advise Numbers (DANs) is not saved:

The procedure for allocation of DAN is detailed below. Login to the website of CGTMSE
i. Go to Receipt payments
ii. Payment Through RTGS/NEFT
iii. Select Allocate Payment from sub menu
iv. Select the DANs to be allocated
v. Press Next Button, System will display: Payment ID: Amount
vi. Select the DANs to be allocated.

6. Account expired before tenure of the loan:

The account will be marked as expired in the following cases - In case of Term Loan = Sanction date + tenure Working Capital = Guarantee Start Date + tenure Composite Loan (both TL and WC together) = Sanction date + tenure

7. Two CGPANs are allocated for the same working capital account:

This generally happens in two cases :
i. Guarantee Application is lodged twice.
ii. Instead of enhancing the guarantee amount, a fresh guarantee application is lodged.

8. Unable to upload claim loan documents at Claim Processing -> Claim for -> Upload Loan Documents:

Upload documents only in the prescribed format viz. jpg, jpeg, pdf, and doc.

9. Closure of Guarantee:

MLIs can close the guarantee for a particular CGPAN from Guarantee Maintenance -> Request for Closure.Otherwise request to CGTMSE for withdrawal of claim application where claim is lodged online.